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Ultimate Halloween Music Playlist


So your throwing a Halloween party this year and you want to put together a killer Halloween playlist for your guests to enjoy all night? Or maybe you just want to get into the spirit of things by enjoying some creepy music. Well, there are many great music CD’s out there that you can buy to set the mood right. Probably the best Halloween mood music you can find is by Midnight Syndicate, a group whose music is used widely in haunted attractions to provide chilling atmoshphere. They have lots of CD’s out now some of which have titles like Out Of Darkness, The 13th Hour, Vampyre, and The Dead Matter: Cemetary Gates. There are countless other CD’s I could recommend, but instead I’ve compiled a list of songs that you shouldn’t forget to include in your ultimate Halloween playlist. If I’ve missed some, please send in your comments to this post so I can update this list! Continue reading

Host A Horror Movie Marathon


A great way to get into the spirit of Halloween is to grab some friends and host your very own Horror Movie Marathon. That means, making some popcorn, turning down the lights, getting really cozy, and indulging in some cinematic scare. Usually television networks begin programming lots of classic horror films all month long. Some networks package the movies for you in a convenient block such as AMC’s FearFest 09 (Oct 23-31). Just check your local listings. You may want to create your own list of select horror films. To help you, we will soon be posting a list of the 100 top horror films of all time. Continue reading for some other great ideas for your party! Continue reading

Halloween 2009 Is Here


With the dog days of summer now behind us, there is no denying that the Halloween 2009 season has finally come. I love this time of year. The leaves outside are changing colors, its getting much more windy and slightly colder, and yet there is that magical buzz in the air. Exciting NFL football games help to keep me indoors while the change in weather inspires me to start cooking warmer, fuller meals. And lets not forget….come October 1st, I begin making plans for my favorite holiday Halloween. This year is going to be great…Halloween falls on a Saturday! So all month long I will be posting lots of cool information, recipes, and other Halloween fun on this site so check back often. Let The Fun Begin!