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Get Your Monster Supplies Here

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

There is a curious little shop on a street in London called Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. Sounds interesting right? They have a variety of jars and cans for sale with creepy names like “Salt Made From The Tears of Sorrow” and “Old Fashioned Brain Jam”. Kind of reminds me of something from the world of Harry Potter. If you’re looking for a can of The Heebie-Jeebies, you can find it at Hoxton’s. I wanted to find out the history on this cool little shop. The below two paragraphs sum up exactly what they are all about. Continue reading

Beware Of Creepy Clowns Tonight

Last Supper of Clowns

Is it my imagination or will creepy clowns become the most popular costume this year? After watching last night’s shocking episode of American Horror Story, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bunch of Twisty the Clowns coming to my door on Halloween night. I really had no idea there were that many people that were so afraid of clowns in the first place. Then I started to think back to the scary clowns I’ve seen in movies and about the real life serial killer clown, John Wayne Gacy. I guess I can understand peoples apprehension towards them. After all, they are supposed to be someone you could trust to entertain your child. Maybe it’s the fact that they can get that close to someone’s heart and imagination that is so frightening. They can make you let down your guard, and when you are completely vulnerable, when you least expect it…BAM! They can turn on you and become your worst nightmare. To add fuel to the fire (literally), watch this prank where a crazy clown scares people with a flamethrower. Personally I’d run from anyone with a flamethrower! Watch the video, then let’s discuss the creepiness of clowns. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi

He is the most iconic actor to ever play the role of Dracula, so today let’s celebrate Bela Lugosi’s 122nd birthday by learning a little more about him. I think it’s safe to say that he is everyone’s favorite Dracula, with those piercing eyes, tightly combed black hair, long cape, and thick Hungarian accent. To watch him onscreen is to witness a person who exudes a suave and debonair style like no one else. Women found him irresistible, with that exotic accent and gentleman like presence. It seemed he had it all, money, fame, women, and yet the very thing which gave him his ticket to the top acted as a catalyst that sent him spirally down in his later years. Let’s learn a little more about him. Continue reading

Monsters And Steampunk Unite

Steam Crow

I must admit, I am a big fan of Steampunk art! When I learned that there was a company that has combined steampunk with monsters, you bet I was interested! The company is called Steam Crow and it is run by two artists, a husband and wife team, who create books, comics, art, and other fun products inspired by monsters. I came across their booth at a comic convention and was really blown away by the quality and imagination of their art prints. As I started to research what Steam Crow had to offer, I was pleasantly surprised by the various projects they had cooking in the creative kitchen! Continue reading

Classic Monsters in Hawaiian Tiki Style

Aloha! I just returned from a wonderful week long vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii. Most of my time was spent exploring the rugged lava coastline, swimming in warm ocean currents, and relaxing on beaches as tropical trade winds careened me to sleep. After seeing a few tikis on the island and learning about ancient Hawaiian archaeology, I began to wonder if the Hawaiians had any “monsters” in their local lore. I am aware they had many gods such as Pele goddess of fire, but wondered if there were darker more evil things that they feared. I realized I could quickly find the answer in Google, but promised myself I would try to stay disconnected from technology as much as possible while on vacation. So it remained a fun mystery to me. One day while I was browsing through some local artwork in downtown Kona, I came across this tiki art!

Brad Parker Tiki Art

It was perfect! This might not be traditional at all, but I loved seeing four classic monsters totally getting their Hawaiian tiki groove on! The artist is Brad Parker and apparently he is a renowned local Hawaiian tiki artist. The color is just so nice, and totally appropriate for Hawaii. Seeing these four guys totally satisfied my monster cravings while in Hawaii. If you’d like to check out his artwork, visit his website