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Beware Of The Black Eyed Children

Black Eyed Children

I’ve recently heard stories about The Black Eyed Children. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but this one was new to me. Apparently the myth states that black eyed children will come up to your front door and knock or ring the doorbell. When you answer, they will ask to enter your home. You will know something is wrong when you see their pale, almost corpse like skin color and solid black eyes. Whatever you do, DON’T LET THEM IN. I’m not sure what happens if you do but it can’t be good. Trust me! Even if they are disguised as girl scouts! The myth also states there are several hundred cases of this happening around the world. Could be an elaborate hoax, but I wouldn’t take any chances these days. If you want to read more about them, you can read the book by David Weatherly called The Black Eyed Children.

Can Children See Ghosts?

Children See Ghosts

I have a question for you…can children see ghosts? I’ve heard people discuss this very subject several times throughout my life. For example, sometimes people claim they’ve seen their infant staring at something in the room that isn’t there as if they were staring in the eyes of a spirit. Sometimes the child will be calm looking at “something”, and other times will cry uncontrollably glancing fearfully at the fixed area where no one is standing. Ordinarily I don’t believe ghost stories. Too many weird people in the world looking for weird ways to get attention. Sometimes people want so much to believe in something that they can trick themselves into thinking they hear strange noises or see shadows in the dark. But what about children? Is there any truth to the claims that children are more “tuned-in” to the spirit world because they are so young? I am ever the skeptic, but then I heard a story that chilled me to the bone and made me wonder…could this be real? Continue reading