For many people the Halloween season is an exciting, almost magical time of year. The smell of caramel, the sound of a creaking door, the falling leaves of autumn, the abundant pumpkin patches are all reminders that Halloween is swiftly approaching. It’s a time that ignites imagination, such as deciding on this year’s costume idea or a new do-it-yourself prop for your own yard haunt. For some, the Halloween season is a reminder of those wonderful memories of trick-or-treating, parties, and school crafts. For others, it is simply a love for the macabre.

We at The Ghoulie Guide feel all of these things and bask in the Halloween spirit 365 days a year! We’d like to share our excitement of the season with you through this website to help inspire, entertain, and keep the Halloween spirit alive. As the site grows, you’ll find more original Halloween stories, videos, reviews, tutorials, artwork, event listings, costume ideas, and recipes. But that’s not all! Since the horror genre (another of our many passions) is so closely related to Halloween, we’ll be bringing you horror news, movie reviews, and any other creepy content we dig up.

From one Halloween and horror enthusiast to another we hope you enjoy The Ghoulie Guide and spread the word!