October 25 Attend A Halloween Party

Halloween Party

One of the greatest things about Halloween is that it’s totally a social holiday. And there is no better place to socialize during Halloween than at a Halloween party! If you get to attend a Halloween party then your in luck. It’s where you get to dress up in a costume as something cute, wicked or weird. Lot’s of Halloween parties have costume contests so make sure yours is awesome. Also usually Halloween parties have deliciously creepy treats to eat. Of course the spooky decorations go without saying. Oh and expect to play games and do some dancing. My aunt took the prize in our family for throwing the best Halloween parties. One year she even had a real casket in the backyard. Guests took a lit candle, walked single file through the dance floor to the backyard and stood around watching as the casket opened. Who came out? Dracula of course! I love Halloween parties and love throwing them too. They’re a lot of work so get your lazy friends to help you decorate to make things easier!