October 13 Listen To Scary Music

Scary Music

What is your favorite Halloween song? You know…the one that as soon as you hear it catapults you into the spirit of the season? For me it’s Michael Jackson’s Thriller. If ever I need a Halloween boost, that’s the one song that will do it immediately. Of course there are many other great songs that are fun to listen to that can liven up a party or just be ear candy for you to enjoy while your doing all those exciting Halloween activities.

Halloween Music Playlists

The Ghoulie Guide has created a few good Spotify playlists for you to listen to each and every Halloween. The Halloween Theme Songs playlist includes classic theme songs from Halloween movies and TV shows. The Halloween Classical playlist includes instrumentals and classical songs that have been associated with Halloween or horror. The Daytime Halloween playlist is an eclectic mix of Halloween hits that would be perfect background music while your carving your pumpkins, decorating your house or cooking some sweet treats for Halloween night! Finally the Halloween Dance Party playlist includes songs that are Halloween classics that will get your guests to move their feet to the beat.

Halloween Theme Songs

Halloween Classical

Daytime Halloween

Halloween Dance Party

Halloween Radio Station

The playlists above are great but just in case you get bored listening to these tracks there is another great way to tune in to good Halloween music. HalloweenRadio.net is a great little site that plays Halloween music 365 days a year! In fact they have several channels you can choose from similar to the playlists above . Click on the banner below to visit their site and you can open a music player where you can listen to tunes all day long.

Every Halloweenradio we make you scream!

Halloween Audio Stories

If you’ve had your fill of music and you want something that is a little more intimate, we’ve created a special playlist of audio narrations of spooky tales. Each story is narrated by Horror legend Boris Karloff and is the perfect way to awaken your imagination.