Frankenstein's Monster

Monster Class:

Flesh Golem

Monster Type:



Tall, bolts in the neck, green skin, stitches on face, blocky black hair, large black boots.


None actually, but will defend himself against anyone who frightens or attacks him.


Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory or the French countryside.

Special Abilities:

Frankenstein's Monster is extremely strong and fast. He has a larger brain than a normal human, is intelligent and can learn at a fast rate. He is also very self sufficient.


The main problem with Victor Frankenstein's monster is he is extremely ugly. Unfortunately this means people respond to his appearance with fear and hatred.


Let’s get one thing straight. Frankenstein is NOT the name of the monster. This monster has no name. The name “Frankenstein” is the surname of the monster’s creator, Victor. Let’s just call the monster FM for Frankenstein’s monster. Now lets have a little discussion about him.

Poor FM has one of the most patheticly sad stories of any of the classic monsters. As I said before, he was created in a laboratory from the body parts and scrap organs of dead corpses. He was given a brain and after Victor flipped the electrical switch, FM was reanimated to life! This zombie-like creature was as helpless as a newborn in the beginning, unable to speak and only able to make grunting sounds. However he was intelligent and had the ability to learn at a fast rate. Not only did he learn to speak eloquently but he learned how to read and write.

Contrary to what most people know about FM, he is actually a gentle, kind soul with the desire to be loved by his father and to be accepted by people. He tries desperately to integrate into society but instead is shunned by everyone he meets. People gasp at him and are afraid of his outward appearance. As a result, he endures loneliness and emotional pain which eventually turns to resentment towards those who have treated him bad. FM learns that his own creator, Victor has also rejected him. FM’s dispair causes him to become angry and vengeful. He acts out by committing acts of cruelty and murder (first to Victor’s younger brother, then his best friend and new wife).

The main problem with FM is that he is extremely ugly. He is 8 feet tall, large and proportionatly built. He is described as having translucent yellowish skin that barely covers the veins and muscles underneath. He has watery, glowing eyes and black lips. Unfortunately people cannot see him for the emotional tender soul inside but instead respond to his appearance with fear and hatred. FM is philosophical and understands his physical condition. He suffers from self-pity and when Victor tries to create a female creature to cure FM’s loneliness, FM destroys her. The reason is that he is afraid of her ability to potentially reproduce a race of ugly creatures that may one day outnumber humans if they were allowed to breed.

There are many differences between the Mary Shelley version and the Universal Pictures version of Frankenstein’s monster. We are mostly familiar with the character in the movie that cannot speak but instead grunts like an animal. The one who has bolts in his neck, is green (or black & white on screen), with a flat-top blocky head and black hair. Also in the movie FM is slow and awkward when walking. This character is more primitave than the novel’s version yet each share the desire to be treated normally, something they tragically will never have.

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