October 05 Plan Your Halloween Activities

Planning Activities

Halloween is becoming more and more popular which is great because now there are tons of really cool Halloween events to participate in. If your unorganized, you’ll miss out on all the fun so spend today looking through websites for local Halloween events. You should be able to find horror movie festivals, zombie walks, pumpkin patches, and haunted houses that you can attend. Once you’ve written down all the events that sound interesting, make a bucket list of events for the whole month. I like to attend 1-2 new events each year just to change things up.

Major theme parks and zoos are even getting in on the Halloween celebrating. Sometimes it’s fun to go to these events with big groups of people that are easily scared. Theme parks celebrating Halloween get very crowded towards October 31st so sometimes it’s better to plan to attend earlier in the month so you can really enjoy it.

If you have time and the money to travel you might want to turn your vacation into a Halloween/Horror event itself. Like taking a trip to Salem, Massachusetts to see where the witch trials took place. Or traveling all the way to Romania to see the castle of Vladimir the Impaler. In any case by having a bucket list of activities will help you to maximize the fun of the Halloween season.