Monthly Archives: September 2012

Drink Up For Oktoberfest Pumpkin Man!

Fat Jack

Autumn is just around the corner, and with it comes Football season and Oktoberfest. It’s time to drink up for Oktoberfest. I can’t think of Football without thinking of beer. And when I think of fall, I think of pumpkins. So if you want to combine the two, go pick up a sixpack of Samuel Adams Fat Jack beer! Packed with enough pumpkin spice and that Sam Adams quality, you’ll be the toast of your next party!

Great Halloween Projection Prop for 2012

Out with the old junk in with the new. Yes its time to get rid of those plastic Halloween props that don’t scare anyone. Invest in something truly terrifying for this year’s haunt such as the Asylum Door. It’s an incredible Halloween projection prop new for 2012. Along with a 22-inch LCD display showing an axe-wielding mad man trying to break out of lock down, hidden pneumatic mechanisms actually create bulges in the door as he swings his axe. Pretty cool and sure to get attention!