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The Creepy Gravestones of Boston

Granary Burying Ground

If you’re searching for inspiration for your Halloween graveyard scene look no further than the gravestones of Boston. I mean really, this is as creepy as it gets! Time has a way of changing what was once beautiful and orderly into something slightly odd and crooked. Stone slabs with cracks and chips and missing sections are scattered amongst each other. Olive colored damp moss grows from the cracks of most of the sandstone or slate tablets. Walking through an old graveyard like this might give you the willy’s or it might just inspire your Halloween creativity like it did for me! Continue reading

Artist Review: Mike “Soz” Sosnowski

Dancing In The Graveyard

I love finding new monster artists! Today we present you the art of Mike Sosnowski. The artwork above is titled “Dancing In The Graveyard”. I first saw Mike’s work at the Son Of Monsterpalooza convention back in 2013. According to his website, Mike works as a storyboard artist and has done work on such notable projects as “He-man and the Masters of the Universe”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Ferngulley: The Last Rain Forest”, “The Land Before Time”, “Tom and Jerry”, and Steven Spielberg’s hit show “Toonsyvania”. Mike specializes in monster artwork such as the print below which are available for sale on his website. Continue reading