The Kingdom of Witches

Kingdom of the Witches

I must credit a fellow Halloween blogger, The Spooky Vegan, for showing me this beautifully haunting video, The Kingdom of Witches. The music is by Nox Arcana and its based on the silhouette art of Jan Pienkowski. It is just an example of how creative people can get and that there is nothing more powerful than the imagination in one’s own mind. Jan Pienkowski won the 1980 Kate Greenaway Medal for his pop-up book, Haunted House, which I do intend to purchase.

4 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Witches

  1. I love, love, love this video! I work at a library. We are basing our big October program around Jan Pienkowski’s artwork and I stumbled on your video, trying to get ideas for our promtional video. I’ve been trying to find where to get permission to use his artwork, but am having trouble finding it. Did you get permission and if you did, who did you contact?


  2. Your right, even Jan’s official site does not have a contact page for inquiry. The video itself is not mine, but was created and originally posted on youTube by “Nocturnaloner”. It was his/her original poem with artwork by Jan Pienkowski, and music by Nox Arcana. Phenomenal outcome. I think if you contact him/her through youTube comments, he/she will give you permission to use the video. Good luck with your October reading program!

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