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How To Entertain Halloween Party Guests

Halloween Party Costume Contest

After you’ve put all that effort into preparing for your Halloween party you don’t want your guests sitting down yawning from boredom. It’s common for party hosts to feel compelled to shepherd their guests from activity to activity throughout the night to keep things moving along. I’ve done it myself and I can tell you it’s not fun at all. Save yourself the unnecessary stress by preparing a well thought out list of activities for your guests to participate in during your party. After all, you should be able to enjoy the party too! Continue reading

Take The Horror Movie Death Quiz

If you were in a horror movie right now, can you guess how you might die? Our friends at the New York Film Academy have created a fun game called the Horror Movie Death Quiz. Will you be eaten alive or ripped to shreds by zombies? Take the quiz to find out. There is a slim chance you may survive. Why not challenge your friends? It’s better than sitting around waiting to scare the bejesus out of little kids on Halloween night. After your quiz be sure to post your results on NYFA’s Twitter or Facebook page using #HowIDied. You’ll find instructions at the bottom of the quiz. Good luck! Hehehe…you’ll need it. Muahahaha! Continue reading

Run For Your Lives, The Zombie Infested Obstacle Race

Here’s a new twist on the obstacle course race for charity events. The Zombie 5K Run For Your Lives race is coming to Los Angeles October 20, 2011. Technically it’s coming to Temecula, but close enough. The idea for this race is very cool. Do you think you would run faster if you were being chased by a horde of infected zombies? Well, by registering as a survivor, you will be given a head start in the race from those who registered as a zombie. Anyone who registers as a zombie will be encouraged to dress the part and act the part! The bad news is the last day to register for the race was September 28th, but you can still register to be a spectator. And if you live in Austin, TX then you still have time to register for the event there. Just check the website for details.

My 2011 Halloween Events Wishlist

Every year, I make big plans to try to attend as many Halloween related events as I can. But after I factor in all the days I work, blog, and attend to normal chores and family responsibilities, it really leaves me little time to do anything else. Notice how I conveniently didn’t mention that I waste most of my free time watching stupid Jersey-Shore-esqe television or playing games on Xbox 360. Okay, I’m guilty! I can certainly spend my time a little bit better. So I’m planning the month out early and creating my Halloween Events Wishlist for 2011. I will try my darndest to get to as many of these events and throw a blog in about how they turned out. That’s if I can put down the Xbox controller, of course! Continue reading