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Host A Witches Tea Party

witches tea party

Many moons ago I conjured up an idea to host an early October gathering to help welcome the season of Halloween. I had read about a great way to sample the flavors and smells of autumn by having a witches tea party. What a great idea! It sat in the back of my mind for years but this year I decided to finally do it. Since my young nieces would be visiting soon I decided the mood would be light and cheery and everyone that attended would have to dress up as a witch. It went better than I expected and now I can’t wait to do it again next year. Keep reading to see how you too can throw a witches tea party of your own.

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Is It A Cemetery Or A Graveyard?

Cemetery or Graveyard

Ok for the longest time I had no real idea what the heck the difference was between a cemetery and a graveyard. Although I used the words interchangeably, the word graveyard seemed so much more interesting to me. It sounds old and decrepit and spookier. So when I decided to name my yard haunt I decided to go with graveyard instead of cemetery. The Ghoulie Graveyard has such a nice ring to it. But then later I learned from fellow Halloween DIYer’s that there is a difference between the two words. A cemetery contains graves, tombs, or urns just like a graveyard but is not a churchyard. A graveyard is a similar area that is often associated with a church. I’m definitely not changing my haunts name, but I’ve decided that to make it technically correct next year I’m going to build a little haunted church so technically it can be officially called a graveyard. Maybe I can add some flickering lights inside so it appears abandoned but haunted. Glad I put that controversy to rest (in peace). Sorry bad joke.

How To Build A Halloween Cemetery Gate

Halloween Cemetery Gate

Does this happen to you? You have a ton of creative ideas for Halloween projects but then the time just passes by so darn quickly. This year was no different for me. Although time flew by, I was determined to get at least one good Halloween DIY project completed before October 1st. Last year I built two tall creepy columns to frame my Halloween yard haunt and hide some of my lighting and audio gear. This year I wanted to complete that build and fully integrate them into the fence. What was missing was a dramatic Halloween cemetery gate entrance that I could attach to the columns and fence. After seeing the Nevermore gate on Netflix’s hit show Wednesday, I thought “That’s it! I’m building a gate this year”. In this article I’ll show you how I built my Halloween gate and share images of how it completely improved the look of my yard haunt The Ghoulie Graveyard.

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