Monthly Archives: October 2011

Zombies Infest Downtown Long Beach!

So an extra post for tonight for all you ghoulish fans! After all it’s the most important night for us Halloween fanatics. I had a great time posting this year and I hope all of you had a great time reading. But stay tuned. The Ghoulie Guide will continue throughout the year with more interesting news, images and ideas. Hope you are all headed out tonight for a very safe and fun Halloween. And now I leave you with some quick pics from the Long Beach Zombie Walk last Saturday. Continue reading

Orange County Hearse Procsession

Every weekend you can find a classic car show somewhere, but it’s not every day you can see a classic hearse show. Sunday I ventured out to Orange County for the annual OC Trick Or Treat Festival. In a little corner of the marketplace those classic creepy beauties where all lined up. To truly appreciate the restoration you have to check out the details up close including the interior. For example, the hearse above had a church organ inside. (You can see the top of the organ pipes coming out of the car). Here are some of my favorite hearses from the event. Continue reading

Laser Vortex Revisited

Last year I had planned on making my first really cool Halloween do-it-yourself project, the Laser Vortex. After reading the tutorial on the Garage Of Evil website, I bought the parts and wired everything together. The only problem is that I ran out of time to make it work for Halloween night. So this year I started from where I left off. Actually found out two of the wires were misconnected on the double pole throw switch. Thankfully a friend pointed this out and voila…the vortex worked! This video is my last dry-run test before this Halloween night. Hoping that the effect is every bit as cool as I’m expecting. Continue reading

Halloween Poem To Get You In The Mood

When I was a kid, my mom used to recite a Halloween poem during October. It was short, but very effective in igniting the macabre and magic of Halloween in my imagination. I hope it does the same for you! Happy Halloween from The Ghoulie Guide.

“The time when bats fly through the rooms,
And witches ride about on brooms,
And people try the strangest dishes —
That’s the time for making wishes.
When pumpkin lights are everywhere,
And ghost that giggle on the stairs
Are waiting to jump out at you —
That’s when wishes all come true.”

~ Annette Wyne (from “For Days and Days” – 1919)

Master Pumpkin Carving

Hope you enjoy the work of master pumpkin carver Doug Goodreau. He created these last weekend at the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival. First time I’ve seen spray paints being used in pumpkin carving, but the result is spectacular!

A whimsical witch pumpkin with vegetable nose and chin.

Some random faces awaiting their final transformations.

This purple pumpkin imp grins as he watches the passers-by.