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Frozen Ghost Vodka, A Christmas Gift for the Horror Fan

Frozen Ghost Vodka

Still Christmas shopping? Well good luck with that. Hey to make it a little easier for you, here’s a great suggestion for that special someone who has everything. Get them a bottle of Frozen Ghost Vodka from Canada. It is said to be distilled with water from a haunted lake. As the story goes, the ghost is an old man who was actually pushed in and froze in the lake. The vodka has been distilled six times for extra purity. And ahem…hopefully to prevent any bits of “old man” from showing up.

Drink Up For Oktoberfest Pumpkin Man!

Fat Jack

Autumn is just around the corner, and with it comes Football season and Oktoberfest. It’s time to drink up for Oktoberfest. I can’t think of Football without thinking of beer. And when I think of fall, I think of pumpkins. So if you want to combine the two, go pick up a sixpack of Samuel Adams Fat Jack beer! Packed with enough pumpkin spice and that Sam Adams quality, you’ll be the toast of your next party!

Pumpkin Ale is Back!

Pumpkin Ale

Yep, it’s that time of year again, when microbreweries bring out there seasonal pumpkin flavored beers. While some people may find these gross, I actually enjoy a little pumpkin and spice flavoring in my beer. After all, beer is really not that pleasant of a taste anyway. I’ve heard several people compare the taste of beer to that of urine. However I’ve never actually met anyone who has sampled urine so not sure how they can make that assumption. In any case, I started thinking if you can make beer taste like pumpkin, what other things can you make beer taste like? Did a little research and this is what I found: Continue reading

Cool Down With A Cold Drink


Its August and its starting to get really, really hot! I was thinking the other day (as the sweat was pouring down my face)…I know gross, right?…that I should make a drink that can really cool me down. Then I remembered a Halloween drink recipe that I’d heard of from the House Of Blues. Its called Swamp Water and its supposed to be D-licious! You’ll need to buy some alcohol (sorry kids I don’t have a Shirley Temple version, but don’t let that stop you from being creative). Its also best if you can use mason jars for glasses to really give the drink that spooky bayou feel. Here’s the list of ingredients:

  1. 1 oz. Skyy Vodka

  2. splash of blue Curacao

  3. orange juice

Fill a very tall glass with ice, pour in alcohol, fill the rest of the way with orange juice, mix and enjoy! Use a plastic glow-stick as a swizzle stick, which gives the drinks an eerie, magical radiance. Bottoms Up!