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Happy Halloween 2015

Chernobog Pumpkin 2015

Hello all you ghoulies out there! Happy Halloween 2015! Well the big day is finally here! Last night on All Hallows Eve, Eve we carved massive pumpkins and set up the decorations for our yard display. It was our dry run test to see how things would look when the trick or treaters arrive on Halloween night. Get a load of that Chernobog pumpkin my brother carved. Pretty awesome, huh? That was just one of about 4 or 5 pumpkins we carved this year. Keep reading and you’ll see a sneak peak of our yard display and the spooky eyes in the bushes effect. We have a lot planned for Halloween including a daytime costume carnival and evening of trick or treating and yard haunt fun. It will be the first time I use my self built laser vortex effect. I’ll be posting all of that good stuff soon. Until then, have yourselves a magical Halloween night everyone! Continue reading

Visiting The Backwoods Maze Yard Haunt

The Backwoods Maze

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a few incredible yard haunts with my family. I doubt they’ve ever experienced yard haunts with such high levels of creativity and imagination. Hell, until I visited the previous year, I hadn’t either. We were totally blown away I can tell you! Unfortunately we did not have much time to visit more of them, but the two haunts we did manage to make it to didn’t disappoint. The Backwoods Maze yard haunt was especially awesome. I’ll give you a little sneak peak inside. Continue reading

Visiting The Halloween Yard Haunts Of SoCal

House At Haunted Hill Yard Haunt

As a fan of Halloween nothing makes me prouder than to see my fellow Californians transforming their homes into creepy yard haunts during the month of October. In some neighborhoods people have been getting pretty extreme with the decorating and are putting on fully animated Halloween shows or walk-through mazes in their yards. The cities of Burbank and Woodland Hills in particular seem to be the epicenter of the most elaborately decorated Halloween yard haunts in SoCal. Last year I visited a home in Burbank that had an elaborate show with spooky decorations and mind-blowing Halloween special effects. It was so much fun that I’ve decided to return and visit more Halloween yard haunts this weekend. To help me navigate, I created an online map of the haunts that are in the area. Check it out and if your in the area, see if you can use the map to help you too. Continue reading

Making Halloween Mason Jars

Halloween Mason Jars

We are well into October now and I can’t stop thinking of Halloween. I love this time of year because it’s when I get the most creative. What got me really excited were finding so many incredible tutorials online on how to turn ordinary mason jars into really cool Halloween decorations. I couldn’t wait to try them out so early in October when Michael’s had a big sale, I picked up a bunch of mason jars cheap. I just completed four mason jars and will show you what I did with them. The one above is my favorite. Disney’s hitchhiking ghosts illuminate my jar with a flicker candle inside. You’d be surprised at how easy these and the other mason jars are to make. Honestly! I’ll show you what I did. Continue reading