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Happy Halloween 2015

Chernobog Pumpkin 2015

Hello all you ghoulies out there! Happy Halloween 2015! Well the big day is finally here! Last night on All Hallows Eve, Eve we carved massive pumpkins and set up the decorations for our yard display. It was our dry run test to see how things would look when the trick or treaters arrive on Halloween night. Get a load of that Chernobog pumpkin my brother carved. Pretty awesome, huh? That was just one of about 4 or 5 pumpkins we carved this year. Keep reading and you’ll see a sneak peak of our yard display and the spooky eyes in the bushes effect. We have a lot planned for Halloween including a daytime costume carnival and evening of trick or treating and yard haunt fun. It will be the first time I use my self built laser vortex effect. I’ll be posting all of that good stuff soon. Until then, have yourselves a magical Halloween night everyone! Continue reading

Halloween Poem To Get You In The Mood

When I was a kid, my mom used to recite a Halloween poem during October. It was short, but very effective in igniting the macabre and magic of Halloween in my imagination. I hope it does the same for you! Happy Halloween from The Ghoulie Guide.

“The time when bats fly through the rooms,
And witches ride about on brooms,
And people try the strangest dishes —
That’s the time for making wishes.
When pumpkin lights are everywhere,
And ghost that giggle on the stairs
Are waiting to jump out at you —
That’s when wishes all come true.”

~ Annette Wyne (from “For Days and Days” – 1919)