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Pick Up A Pack Of S.L.U.G. Zombies

Slug Zombies

Don’t know what to do with that Target Gift Card you got for Christmas? I’ve got a suggestion. Mosey on down to the toy section and grab yourself a 3-pack or 12-pack of S.L.U.G Zombies. (S.L.U.G. stands for Scary Little Ugly Guys and boy are they ever!) I discovered these awesome little green zombies while combing through the toy aisle looking for Christmas gift ideas. I noticed the coffin shaped packaging and snatched one up. The front of the package shows one zombie and the back side showed all the zombies in that set. Apparently there are four sets! I was intrigued by how intricately detailed the design for each zombie is. Each zombie is unique and based on something from pop culture. For example Andrew Agony is a zombified tennis player based on former tennis star Andre Agassi. How about Grave Lincoln, a zombified version of Mr. Lincoln himself. Continue reading

Frozen Ghost Vodka, A Christmas Gift for the Horror Fan

Frozen Ghost Vodka Still Christmas shopping? Well good luck with that. Hey to make it a little easier for you, here’s a great suggestion for that special someone who has everything. Get them a bottle of Frozen Ghost Vodka from Canada. It is said to be distilled with water from a haunted lake. As the story goes, the ghost is an old man who was actually pushed in and froze in the lake. The vodka has been distilled six times for extra purity. And ahem…hopefully to prevent any bits of “old man” from showing up.