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November Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies Nov 2017

Well I hope you’re all enjoying what’s left of your Halloween candies. No matter how good or bad things turned out during Halloween, I always get a bit sad to see it all end. Now that it’s November I finally have some time to look through blogs, organize my pictures, and just unwind a bit. As I was searching around the internet I found a few funny Halloween related items that I thought I’d share. I hope to do this more often and will call it the Friday Funnies. Enjoy! Continue reading

Finding A Creepy Crawl Space

Creepy Crawl Space

There is an urban legend you may have heard of where the owners of a house find out that someone is living in the crawl space, attic or basement of their home. I recall a story from a real estate agent, that a family had found out someone was secretly living in their attic and would come out only when they were not at home or sometimes in the middle of the night. Can you imagine how scary that would be? I’ve heard similar stories like this through the years and then I saw the following story that totally creeped me out. Apparently two brothers were playing in a bedroom when one of them knocked the other into the bookshelf below. Continue reading

Follow The Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage

One of the most beautiful times of the year is when leaves begin to change to hues of orange, brown and gold. Here in Southern California, it’s sometimes hard to really feel like it’s Fall because there are so many evergreens and palm trees. But in certain neighborhoods you can find groups of tall maple trees that are changing their colors and dropping their leaves only to be whisked away by the gentle autumn winds. I love these areas, and try to seek them out as often as possible. It helps me get in the mood for Halloween and Thanksgiving by infusing a little bit of holiday nostalgia in my life. I have always wanted to plan a trip to the east coast to the places where the fall colors are abundant. And I’ve found a great tool to help me plan a fall foliage tour thanks to the US Forest Service. Continue reading