Finding A Creepy Crawl Space

Creepy Crawl Space

There is an urban legend you may have heard of where the owners of a house find out that someone is living in the crawl space, attic or basement of their home. I recall a story from a real estate agent, that a family had found out someone was secretly living in their attic and would come out only when they were not at home or sometimes in the middle of the night. Can you imagine how scary that would be? I’ve heard similar stories like this through the years and then I saw the following story that totally creeped me out. Apparently two brothers were playing in a bedroom when one of them knocked the other into the bookshelf below.

Crawl Space

When the boy got up he realized the bookshelf had moved to reveal a door behind it.

Crawl Space

Now the only thing the family knew about the previous owners of the house was that they had built the house in the early 2000s and had moved to India two years prior. As they explored the door behind the bookshelf they discovered a spiral staircase. They decided to descend the stairs to see where they led.

Crawl Space

The family was puzzled when they reached the bottom of the wrought iron stairs because it led to a dead end. Just a blank wall and nothing more. Confused they decided to go back up the stairs. About halfway up, they noticed a tiny crawl space in the side of the wall. And that’s where things got really creepy.

Crawl Space

The crawl space was small. They peered in and were shocked by what they saw. Check out the picture below and imagine finding this in your home!

Crawl Space

Someone had been living IN THEIR WALLS! Among the items in the crawl space, they noticed a banana peel, a skeleton key to who knows what, and a couple creepy old dolls.

Creepy Space

I think finding dolls like that in your walls is freaky enough, but when they saw Halloween candy among the items in the crawl space, they realized that whoever was living in there had crawled out, walked to the room of the boy, stolen his halloween candy and crawled back to eat it. That was enough for them to get the hell out of there. Apparently they sent police to check it out, but no one was ever found. OMG…I don’t know if I could live in a house after knowing someone else had been living in the walls. One of the creepiest stories I’ve ever heard of. Next time you hear some creaking in your home, maybe you should have a little check if there are any other “tenants” in there with you!

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