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Creepiest Twins Of Them All

Creepy Twins

When I first saw The Shining, there was nothing that creeped me out more than the Grady twin sisters who appeared to Danny Torrance in that long hallway of The Overlook Hotel. There was just something that didn’t look right with them, like they couldn’t be trusted. “Come and play with us Danny.” Uh…I don’t think so! After that movie I was always intrigued by twins and had heard that twins share a unique bond with each other. I used to wonder if maybe they had a special secret power like mental telepathy or something. Then I grew up and realized twins are just ordinary normal people, that is until I read the story of the Gibbons sisters, a real pair of twins whose story is so weird that these two girls just might be the creepiest twins of them all! Continue reading

Finding A Creepy Crawl Space

Creepy Crawl Space

There is an urban legend you may have heard of where the owners of a house find out that someone is living in the crawl space, attic or basement of their home. I recall a story from a real estate agent, that a family had found out someone was secretly living in their attic and would come out only when they were not at home or sometimes in the middle of the night. Can you imagine how scary that would be? I’ve heard similar stories like this through the years and then I saw the following story that totally creeped me out. Apparently two brothers were playing in a bedroom when one of them knocked the other into the bookshelf below. Continue reading