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Lego Celebrates Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

Ghostbusters Lego

Can you believe it? The movie Ghostbusters is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year! I know, right? Where did the time go! As part of that celebration, Lego just released an awesome Ghostbusters Ecto-1 toy set. So cool!!! As I was casually browsing at the Puzzle Zoo toy store in Santa Monica, I was shocked to see this set sitting up on the shelf next to an equally cool Back To The Future Lego set. I don’t usually get compulsive when it comes to shopping (especially for toys), but all rules were broken when I saw this set and I bought it on the spot. I had heard a rumor about a Ghostbusters Lego toy awhile back, but never thought it would actually go to market. Well I’m glad it did! As I started researching how this set came to be, I was surprised to find out about other awesome sets that haven’t made it yet and a whole system where anyone creative enough to build something can bring their Lego creation to life for others to buy! Continue reading

Pick Up A Pack Of S.L.U.G. Zombies

Slug Zombies

Don’t know what to do with that Target Gift Card you got for Christmas? I’ve got a suggestion. Mosey on down to the toy section and grab yourself a 3-pack or 12-pack of S.L.U.G Zombies. (S.L.U.G. stands for Scary Little Ugly Guys and boy are they ever!) I discovered these awesome little green zombies while combing through the toy aisle looking for Christmas gift ideas. I noticed the coffin shaped packaging and snatched one up. The front of the package shows one zombie and the back side showed all the zombies in that set. Apparently there are four sets! I was intrigued by how intricately detailed the design for each zombie is. Each zombie is unique and based on something from pop culture. For example Andrew Agony is a zombified tennis player based on former tennis star Andre Agassi. How about Grave Lincoln, a zombified version of Mr. Lincoln himself. Continue reading

LEGO Monster Fighters series, the coolest toys this year!

OMG…if your a Horror fan, LEGO has just released one of the coolest toy series ever called “Monster Fighters”. This series is absolutely AWESOME and just debuted this May! Included in the series is a 3-story Haunted House complete with glow-in-the-dark ghosts, Vampyre and Vampiress and too much cool functionality and moving pieces to mention. Other sets in this series include a Vampyre Caslte, Vampyre Hearse, Ghost Train, Crazy Scientist and His Monster, Werewolf set, Mummy set, Zombie set, and Swamp Creature set!!! I want to collect all of them! But of course it’s going to take a little dinero to do so. The most expensive set is the Haunted House at $179 buckaroos. However, lots of other sets are pretty affordable, such as The Werewolf set for only $19.99. Or you can dive into the commitment of owning them all and purchase the LEGO Monster Fighter Collection for $296.94! Check out their website here for more info on all the sets for purchase. Continue reading