Lego Celebrates Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

Ghostbusters Lego

Can you believe it? The movie Ghostbusters is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year! I know, right? Where did the time go! As part of that celebration, Lego just released an awesome Ghostbusters Ecto-1 toy set. So cool!!! As I was casually browsing at the Puzzle Zoo toy store in Santa Monica, I was shocked to see this set sitting up on the shelf next to an equally cool Back To The Future Lego set. I don’t usually get compulsive when it comes to shopping (especially for toys), but all rules were broken when I saw this set and I bought it on the spot. I had heard a rumor about a Ghostbusters Lego toy awhile back, but never thought it would actually go to market. Well I’m glad it did! As I started researching how this set came to be, I was surprised to find out about other awesome sets that haven’t made it yet and a whole system where anyone creative enough to build something can bring their Lego creation to life for others to buy!

I should start by saying that Ghostbusters, released in 1984 (an awesome year for movies btw), is one of my all-time favorite comedies. I had everything Ghostbusters as a kid…the toy figures and fire station headquarters, t-shirt, buttons, books, even the cassette soundtrack to the movie. So you can imagine my child-like euphoria when I set my eyes on this beauty. I was actually looking to buy more of the Lego Monster Fighters series when I accidentally discovered this Ghostbusters toy set. It includes the Ectomobile (aka “Ecto-1”), the four Ghostbusters, and their proton packs! Now I had read a story some time ago on the I Brick City website that a fan was proposing a Ghostbusters project for Lego, but I didn’t know it had come to pass. Then I discovered a site called Lego Ideas (originally called Lego CUUSOO) where a builder by the name of Brent Waller had added a Ghostbusters project. Apparently if a project is added to this site and it gets 10,000 votes, the Lego company will consider it a candidate for production. What an awesome way for Lego to cultivate creative ideas from it’s fans! So this Ecto-1 set started out as a Lego CUUSOO idea. I guess there are a ton of other Ghostbusters fans just like me because now it’s available for purchase.

Ghostbusters Lego

The four Ghostbusters just hanging out!

Ghostbusters Lego Ghostbusters Lego Ghostbusters Lego Ghostbusters Lego Ghostbusters Lego

Equipped with proton packs and walkie talkies, these guys are ready to go do some bustin!

Brent also built an incredibly detailed Ghostbusters HQ. I mean, he actually built it himself with no instructions, brick by tiny brick! Talk about a Lego artist with a ton of patience and imagination. Unfortunately, the HQ is not for sale as an official Lego set, but Brent has provided some instructions for anyone willing to attempt to build the Lego HQ themselves. I found another person who built their own version of the Ghostbusters HQ. You can find detailed pictures of his intricate work on his website. This almost makes me feel like I should be challenging myself to try to build something Lego from scratch. Hmmm…not sure if I have the patience…or the space for so many Legos, but that would be fun!

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