Monthly Archives: September 2014

Are You Afraid Of Haunted Dolls?

Annabelle Doll

Dolls are supposed to be soft, cute and cuddleable. Most are, but there are some dolls you might want to stay away from, especially if they are haunted! Apparently haunted dolls are not just fictional props used in movies to scare audiences. No, these little toys of terror have a sinister history and some are still around today. How can a doll become possessed you ask? And how much harm can they really do? I dug up some history on some of the more famous haunted dolls. You won’t believe what I found! Continue reading

Monsters And Steampunk Unite

Steam Crow

I must admit, I am a big fan of Steampunk art! When I learned that there was a company that has combined steampunk with monsters, you bet I was interested! The company is called Steam Crow and it is run by two artists, a husband and wife team, who create books, comics, art, and other fun products inspired by monsters. I came across their booth at a comic convention and was really blown away by the quality and imagination of their art prints. As I started to research what Steam Crow had to offer, I was pleasantly surprised by the various projects they had cooking in the creative kitchen! Continue reading