Monsters And Steampunk Unite

Steam Crow

I must admit, I am a big fan of Steampunk art! When I learned that there was a company that has combined steampunk with monsters, you bet I was interested! The company is called Steam Crow and it is run by two artists, a husband and wife team, who create books, comics, art, and other fun products inspired by monsters. I came across their booth at a comic convention and was really blown away by the quality and imagination of their art prints. As I started to research what Steam Crow had to offer, I was pleasantly surprised by the various projects they had cooking in the creative kitchen!

First of all, if you are a newcomer to steampunk, let me break it down for you. The word steampunk is defined as a “genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.” People have adopted the steampunk style to create gadgets, costumes, props and artwork. My first introduction to it was at a San Diego Comic Con in the early 2000’s. I saw a booth that had replicated science fiction guns with an almost old-fashioned style. Lots of copper looking metal and navigational parts that made the guns look futuristically old-fashioned. If you’ve seen steampunk art, this should totally makes sense to you!

Steam Crow is run by the artistic magicians, Dan and Dawna Davis. The both of them have created a website where monsters and steampunk live in happy unison. They sell all kinds of art prints, t-shirts, and even a few books. You can find art prints like the two below on their website.

Steam Crow

But that’s not all! They also have a web comic called Monster Commute. The idea for the comic is the adventures of three characters as they travel on a steampunk highway through the monster world. (I think we can all relate to this from our own monster commutes, scratch that, hell commutes to work).

Well that’s not all folks. There are even some videos they are putting together titled the Steam Crow Show. It’s a little kooky, but it’s very fun and a great outlet for their budding creativity.

The Steam Crow team aren’t afraid to promote fellow artists. In this episode of the Steam Crow Show, they feature two artists of a book called “Little Vampires”. Good luck Steam Crow! And if your at a Comic Con, be sure to swing by and give them a steampunk hello.

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