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Angry Birds Halloween Costumes For Sale

Okay, my pick for most original Halloween costume of 2010 goes to these homemade Angry Bird Halloween costumes. Visit their website, to see more fantastic costume pictures. If you don’t know what Angry Birds is, then you must be on another planet. It is one of the most popular game downloads on iTunes (and now Android). The guys who made these costumes are now selling them so you can parade around as one of these adorable birds with attitude!

Halloween Mobile Wallpapers

Since I dress up for Halloween each year, I don’t see why I can’t do the same for my mobile phone. I found a fantastic free app (there’s that word free again) that has a ton of gorgeous Halloween wallpapers for your mobile android phone. I’ve been changing the wallpapers often because there are just so many great ones in there to choose from. Everything from cute cuddly cats and pumpkins to spooky haunted houses scenes. When you’re in the Android Market, do a search and type in Halloween. You’ll see this app in the list. Just look for the proper icon. (I tried searching for it by typing in Halloween Wallpapers and couldn’t find it. Go figure!)

NOTE: Lots of people have been complaining that the latest update version 3.0.4 has some forceclose issues. Hopefully this will be corrected soon, and if it gives you trouble, simply uninstall.