Android Halloween Apps Roundup


Here’s the latest roundup of notable Halloween apps on the Android market. I promise to do a roundup of iPhone apps soon.

Droid Scare – $0.99

You can choose from one of 7 screens and when the screen is clicked, your victim will be in for a fright (loud scream). Great way to fool your friends.

Halloween Countdown – $1.00

Add this Halloween Countdown widget to your phone. There are new icons for every day of the week.

Carve a Halloween Pumpkin – $0.99

This clever app allows you to choose a pumpkin and carve it using your fingertip. You can also add a variety of backgrounds and spooky images and share it with your friends.

Hauntcast Radio – Free

This app notifies you when new podcasts are available on Hauntcast Radio, a fantastic free podcast containing home-haunting information and entertainment. You can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes, or you can listen to them directly on their website at

4 thoughts on “Android Halloween Apps Roundup

  1. Hi,

    You might be interested in adding The Mask ( into your list as well. 🙂

    The Mask turns your phone into your coolest costume. Wear these masks to scare your friends in the spookiest night.

    “It’s a quick save when you show up to that costume party without your costume.”

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