Angry Birds Halloween Costumes For Sale

Okay, my pick for most original Halloween costume of 2010 goes to these homemade Angry Bird Halloween costumes. Visit their website, to see more fantastic costume pictures. If you don’t know what Angry Birds is, then you must be on another planet. It is one of the most popular game downloads on iTunes (and now Android). The guys who made these costumes are now selling them so you can parade around as one of these adorable birds with attitude!

8 thoughts on “Angry Birds Halloween Costumes For Sale

  1. I want King Piggy costume do you guys have that? I really love the Angry Bird pigs. They’re cute

  2. hi where can i buy one??? me and my friend really r obssed with angry birds even her dad! where culd we get one nice job with the costume! go angry birds!!!

    peeps say i hav anger issues like angry birds 🙂

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