Undead Nightmare is Awesome

What is cooler than gunslingers in the Wild West? How about gunslingers fighting zombies in the Wild West! The creators of Red Dead Redemption have truly outdone themselves this time with a fantastic new adventure appropriately called Undead Nightmare. And it is just that. The undead have taken over the entire world of Red Dead and your mission is to stop them, save as many survivors you can and find a cure for your family who become infected in the first 10 minutes of the game. It’s anything but easy…I mean the zombies are everywhere! Some of them can run and spit stuff at you. And you don’t have the vast amount of ammo available in the first game making it much harder to kill the horrifying creatures. Speaking of creatures, the ordinary beasts of the wild west are infected as well. So you’ll have to fight off giant bats and other sinister creatures in addition to the zombie hordes. I’ve just started the game so I have a lot of fun to discover! Great job Rockstar Games!

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