Halloween Apps For Android

Devilry Huntress

Well over the spring I finally ditched my broken T-mobile phone and got the new HTC Incredible from Verizon. Not to quote McDonald’s but I’m loving it! This phone is awesome and so are the apps available for it. I found a fun app you should all check out called Devilry Huntress. This game is so addicting! The basic concept is similar to games like Jewellust or Bejeweled. However this game has a totally spooky theme and creepy animated characters. With character symbols such as skulls, blue spiders, haunted pumpkins, vampiresses, and zombies, you can bet this game satisfies the Halloween and horror fan!

The Devilry Huntress (you in this case) must complete a puzzle in which you must line up 3 or more symbols in a row in order for them to disappear off the screen. You switch the position of the symbols adjacent to each other by tapping on them (it’s a touchscreen phone after all). All the while you have letters in the grid that must reach the bottom row so they get placed at the bottom of the screen, spelling out some spooky message. But you have a time limit of course. Once the vial of what looks like blood is drained, your time is up and you loose. If your fortunate enough to get through this puzzle, your character will gallop to the next location and you’ll begin the next challenge. The fantastic thing about this game is that each puzzle introduces new frightening characters and specialty symbols. The game developers were smart enough to hook you in with a free version of the game called Devilry Huntress Lite. There are 4 puzzles to complete, just enough to get you hooked! If you become an addict like me, you’ll purchase the full version of the game for $2.95 on the Android Market. Oh oh…better not get too addicted…I’ve got some Halloween props to build this year!

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