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Son of Monsterpalooza Convention 2013

Burbank, Ca is quickly becoming my favorite destination for all things creepy. Last weekend I attended Southern California’s semi-annual monster convention called Son of Monsterpalooza. Sounds like the title of a good B-horror flick doesn’t it? This event is full of creativity and imagination and good scares all for the purpose of the celebration of horror monsters. And for a monster enthusiast such as myself, what event could be better? Continue reading

Best Store Ever – Halloween Town in Burbank

Halloween Town Burbank

This weekend I had a double whammy of Halloween fun! First I attended the Son of Monsterpalooza. (Son of Monster…who?) Son of Monsterpalooza is the second massive monster convention of the year in the city of Burbank, CA. And since I was in the city of Burbank, it would be a crime not to visit the coolest Halloween store I’ve ever seen. I’m talking about the one and only “Halloween Town”. Continue reading

Los Angeles Halloween Events 2013

Los Angeles Halloween Events 2013

When I see pictures of New England in the fall, I can’t help but feel a little jealous. The changing colors of the autumn leaves, large front yards and homes with deep porches…these are some of the things I secretly envy. (Oh…and the ability to actually afford a home!) But when I’m not thinking the grass is greener on the other side, I do enjoy the perks of living in Southern California. When it comes to Halloween events in soCal, there is no shortage of possibilities. First off, every theme park has special Halloween events. But you might be unwilling to part with your hard earned cash to visit these parks (I wont even comment on how ridiculously high Disneyland ticket prices are now). So instead, check this list of Halloween Events for the 2013 season to help you plan your Halloween event calendar. The Los Angeles Halloween Events list includes Haunted Attractions, Haunted Houses, Interactive Theatre Shows, Festivals, Haunted Mazes and more in just about every major area in Southern California. Plan early so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Oh The Horror in Mad Magazine’s Book Horrifyingly MAD

Mad Magazine's Horrifyingly MAD

I loved MAD magazines as a kid. So you can imagine my splendor when I found this book called Horrifyingly MAD: More Than 50 Years of Classic Strips to Scare You Silly. I bought it at my local bookstore for around 9 bucks! I raced home (within the speed limit, of course) to open it and peer through the comic pages of horror movie spoofs and satires written as cleverly as only MAD magazine can write. Just listen to some of the titles: The Ecchorcist, Rosemia’s Boo-Boo, The Bland Witch Project and The Calamityville Horror. This book has a great collection of fun horror MAD magazine comics. I think I’ll save reading this for some cozy autumn nights as I snuggle in next to a fireplace while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Mmmmm…Autumn I’m waiting for you!

Now That’s A Pumpkin Festival!

Keene Pumpkin Festival

With October, comes visions of fall leaves, apple cider and pumpkins…lots and lots of pumpkins. If your in the New Hampshire area in the month of October, you will find those visions a reality at the annual Keene Pumpkin Festival. This quintessential New England community hosts this awesome event each year. People in the town and surrounding area come to enjoy and take part in the yearly attempt at breaking the world record of amassing the largest number of lit jack-o’-lanterns in one place. They have held that record for many years. This year the festival will be held on Saturday October 19, 2013. Activities will include entertainment, food, treats, costume parade and of course the wonderfully magical displays of carved pumpkins for all to enjoy. Visit website