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Tales Of The Frightened By Boris Karloff

Tales Of The Frightened When I was a child on lazy afternoons in early autumn my mom would sometimes play for us a special Halloween record. (You know…on a record player long before CD’s, iPods and Spotify existed). The record had two stories, the story of Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The best part of the experience was listening to the soothing voice of Boris Karloff as he narrated these tales. I hope his name rings a bell. It should because he is the iconic actor who played Frankenstein’s monster in the Universal classic monster movies. And did you know he is also the narrator in the Christmas classic “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”? Well he is. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to find out he had participated in a few more horror audio recordings, but I was. While listening to my Halloween playlist on Spotify, I came across a wonderful collection of horror stories narrated by Boris Karloff called Tales of the Frightened. I gave it a listen to on a very similar lazy weekend and was immediately reminded of those childhood afternoons listening to him tell spooky stories on the record player. Apparently this started out as a radio program which were recorded and later put on an album for sale. The stories, written by Michael Avallone are short but fiendishly fun. Boris uses his ghoulishly good charm to set an eerie mood throughout the album. The stories are filled with fun subjects such as fortune tellers, vampires, ghosts, and hauntings. Boris begins each story with the catch phrase, “Are you…one of the frightened?”, and then proceeds to tell a wonderfully creepy story. If your a fan of ghost stories, then give it a listen to…if you dare!

Taking A Voodoo Tour in New Orleans

Voodoo Dolls

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans then you most certainly have seen voodoo dolls for sale by the bundles in almost every store. They’re hard to miss, right next to the other campy tourist souvenirs like shot glasses, carnival masks and alligator hand keychains. But if you look a little deeper, and take the time to research, you will discover a religion with an interesting history that is very much alive and still being practiced in this area of our country. I’m talking about Voodoo. Now I know the word conjures up images of Hollywood movies or old stories of curses and death, but there is another part of this religion that you may not be aware of. When I was in New Orleans, I took a Voodoo Tour. We visited historic locations, learned about the history of Voodoo in New Orleans and even visited an authentic Voodoo temple. That wasn’t all…we learned all about Marie Laveau, the “Voodoo Queen of New Orleans”. Join me now as I share with you all that I learned on this Voodoo Tour. Continue reading

Halloween Travel Destinations

Halloween Travel Destinations

October is a great time of year to travel, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, the leaves are turning beautiful colors, the weather is starting to cool off, and kids are back in school which means NO MORE CROWDS! It is the perfect time to get away so I’m going to do just that. For the next few days I’ll be exploring the city of New Orleans. I’ve read about so many interesting things to do and I doubt I’ll have time to do them all. But here are a few items on my must do list:

  1. Take a voodoo tour.
  2. Visit the spooky New Orleans cemeteries.
  3. Explore the swamps and bayous in a small boat.
  4. Stroll down Pirate’s Alley.
  5. Check out the mansion of author Anne Rice.

I’m hoping to do these things and more! I’ll be posting updates while I’m in New Orleans so stay tuned. As I was making this list, I began thinking of other creepy travel destinations I’d like to travel to. I also thought of some creepy places I’ve already been that you guys might like to visit someday. So I’ve put this Halloween travel bucket list together to get us inspired to travel like the Halloween enthusiasts we are. Continue reading