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Halloween Television Programming 2012

Halloween Television Programming

As a kid, I loved rushing home from school to settle in for the night with a spooky horror film or Halloween TV special. This totally set the mood of the season for me. As the years went on, it seemed the quality of Halloween programming got worse each year…at least on network TV stations anyway. We may not be able to totally rely on the networks to provide us the same quality as the “good ol’ days”, but we can set that programming up for ourselves now. Hundreds of cable channels, Netflix queues, Youtube channels, DVD movies, are just some of the ways we can access great programming. In a future post I’ll be building a queue of my favorite Halloween season movies to help you rediscover. And hey, TV is not totally dead. Check out this website for all of this year’s Halloween Television Programming. Continue reading

The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere Sunday Night!

I am eagerly awaiting Season 2 of what was my favorite show last year, The Walking Dead. The season premiere is on Sunday night so don’t forget to check your local listing for programming. Here in SoCal its on at 9pm on AMC. Need a recap of what happened last season? Go to AMC’s The Walking Dead Webisodes for that and much more, even some sneak-peek content. I know there has been worry about the quality of the show this season after Frank Darabont was fired from the production, but hopefully the studio execs will stay out of the creative process as much as possible and we’ll get what we deserve. Quality storytelling and terrifying zombies.

Happy Shark Week From Amity Island

Well its that time once again, when Discovery Channel shows its darker-side with its annual programming of Shark Week. They’ve got a full line-up of terrorizing episodes dedicated to scaring the living crap out of you. After you get done watching Shark Week, you’ll be so scared of what’s in the water, you may never step in your shower again! But then again, sharks cant be all that bad right? After all, Discover Channel is dedicated to informing public opinion about the the shark as a natural animal of the ocean, not a carnivorous monster of the deep. Just look at their line-up this year:

  • Great White Invasion

  • JAWS Comes Home

  • Rogue Sharks

  • Summer of the Shark

  • Killer Sharks

Okay okay… So Discovery Channel has sold out like everyone else and instead is going for pure shock value to attract its viewers. The environmentalist in me hates this…but the gawker in me loves the gore! Check out Discovery Channel’s full line-up of Shark Week Here. I guess we have the movie classic JAWS to thank for all this fear of the water. Well, that being said, you can prance around the beach this summer in your own Amity Island T-shirt! This retro graphic style shirt is great for any horror fan. Check them out here at If shark fishing is more your style, pick up a Quint’s Shark Fishing T-Shirt at Last Exit To Nowhere’s online store.