Can Children See Ghosts?

Children See Ghosts

I have a question for you…can children see ghosts? I’ve heard people discuss this very subject several times throughout my life. For example, sometimes people claim they’ve seen their infant staring at something in the room that isn’t there as if they were staring in the eyes of a spirit. Sometimes the child will be calm looking at “something”, and other times will cry uncontrollably glancing fearfully at the fixed area where no one is standing. Ordinarily I don’t believe ghost stories. Too many weird people in the world looking for weird ways to get attention. Sometimes people want so much to believe in something that they can trick themselves into thinking they hear strange noises or see shadows in the dark. But what about children? Is there any truth to the claims that children are more “tuned-in” to the spirit world because they are so young? I am ever the skeptic, but then I heard a story that chilled me to the bone and made me wonder…could this be real?

We were at a birthday dinner, and unexpectedly the conversation turned to the supernatural. One of my friends casually began telling us a story of a friend of hers who has a three year old son. I forgot her name, but lets just call her Jenny. After Jenny moved into a new house with her son, she started hearing random noises at night. At first it was just creaking walls and floorboards. But then she thought she heard doors closing and doorknobs turning. What really startled her was the sound of footsteps walking down the hallway. She hesitated at first but then jumped out of bed to see who was in the hallway. It was empty and her son was still fast asleep in his bed. She tried hard to ignore the noises and kept saying to herself it must be her imagination. A few nights later she noticed her son started talking to someone in his bedroom at night. She would walk in and ask him “Mijo, who are you talking to?” He would stop and point to an empty corner of the room. That totally freaked her out! But again she tried to ignore it.

Jenny’s son had come running to her bedroom one night crying. She asked him, “What’s wrong?” And he said exhausted and half asleep…”Oh its zombies.” It may have been just a bad dream, but she didn’t know how he knew what zombies were. She began to think maybe there WAS something in the house she could no longer ignore. Then one day she found her son’s Etch A sketch toy on the table. When she picked it up she saw the words “My name is James” printed out on the toy. Her son is too young to know how to spell, and his name is not James. This was the last straw. She went to someone (I think it was someone from her church). That person came to her home to access the situation. I think the woman just asked her if the ghost had ever done anything violent. Jenny replied no. The woman then told her well then I wouldn’t worry about it and proceeded to put a blessing on the home. After that incident, she said nothing else has happened in the home. At least that she will openly admit. Denial can be a great defense against the supernatural.

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