Dark Night Of The Scarecrow going to Blu-ray

Ah…another 80’s made-for-TV horror movie is being released on Blu-ray! And it’s a good one! I remember seeing Dark Night of the Scarecrow when I was a kid. Even though I haven’t seen it since, it definitely left an impression on me. The plot goes something like this…a little girl from a small rural town gets viciously mauled. The local men are bigots and wrongfully blame the little girl’s mentally challenged friend Bubba. They track him down to a plowed cornfield and find him hiding in a scarecrow. Realizing Bubba is IN the scarecrow, one of the townsmen takes a pitchfork and well…POOR BUBBA! But that’s not the end, for the scarecrow shall have his revenge! If you get a chance definitely check out this little gem of a horror flick.

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