Disney’s Halloween Time is Back!

Went to Disneyland a few weeks ago and Disney’s HalloweenTime is Back in full swing! Main Street is a kaleidoscope of fall colors. There are pumpkins everywhere throughout the park including a 12 foot high Mickey ‘jack-o-lantern’. Candy and caramel apples are available to satisfy any sweet tooth. Toy Story’s own Woody and Jessie put on a themed show at the Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Roundup. Of course the main attraction is the Haunted Mansion, which is transformed into a Tim Burton ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ theme. It’s a great time and right now the weather is a little hot, but still very comfortable. Only trouble is the crowds are pretty large. If you are planning a trip, might want to go during the week when the crowds are slightly less than a weekend.

Just one of the abundant fall displays throughout the park.

This large Mickey Jack-O-Lantern greets guests who walk down Main Street.

Enjoy a delicious fall feast in Big Thunder Ranch’s Halloween Roundup.

A band of skeleton (Calaveras) Mariachis next to Big Thunder Railroad.

Jack Skellington has taken over Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

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