Halloween Inspiration Found at Rogers Gardens Halloween Boutique

Rogers Gardens Halloween Bootique 2015

In case your feeling your Halloween home decorations are getting a bit stale, I would suggest taking a trip to Rogers Gardens in Corona Del Mar, CA for some creative Halloween displays that will make your jaw-drop. I haven’t gone yet, but really want to make the pilgrimage from the west side of Los Angeles just to see their incredible Halloween showrooms. Rogers Gardens has been participating in creating a yearly Halloween Boutique for some time now. The 2015 year is no exception and the display this year looks absolutely exquisite.

Each year they pick a certain theme and decorate accordingly. This year’s theme is ‘SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES’ which just happens to be one of my favorite Disney horror films based on the book by Ray Bradbury. As you step inside the circus tent you will find four uniquely themed rooms. Step into the Magician Tent, then the Fortune Teller Tent, then the Medicine Man tent, and finally the Sideshow Tent.

The Magicians Tent

Rogers Gardens Magicians Tent

The Fortune Teller Tent

Rogers Gardens Fortune Teller Tent

The Medicine Man Tent

Rogers Garden Medicine Man

The Sideshow Tent

Rogers Gardens Sideshow Tent

Click to view the video from Rogers Gardens Halloween Boutique 2015 to see the magic they conjured up this year. I’m inspired!

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