Halloween TV Specials 2010

I could very easily go into a rant about how Halloween TV specials today are nothing like they used to be back in the late 70’s early 80’s. But I wont. There are plenty of other blogs that do that. Instead I will do something productive and share with you something I wish I had found at the beginning of the month. TVtango.com compiled a fantastic list of Halloween-themed specials, marathons, and episodes for the entire month of October. This list is fantastic and very thorough. So if you have nothing else to do this Halloween…take comfort that there is still something to watch on TV. Here are some TV episode recommendations:

  • Glee Rocky Horror Picture Show Episode, Tues Oct 26, FOX 8pm ET
  • Modern Family Halloween Episode, Wed Oct 27, ABC 9pm ET
  • Scared Shrekless Halloween TV Special, Thurs Oct 28, NBC 8pm ET
  • Community Halloween Episode, Thurs Oct 28, NBC 8:30pm ET
  • The Office Halloween Special, Thurs Oct 28, NBC 9pm ET
  • The Simpsons 21st Annual Treehouse of Horror, Nov 1, FOX 8-8:30pm ET

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