Happy Shark-Free 4th!

It’s all psychological. You yell baracuda, everybody says huh? what? You yell shark, we’ve got a panic on our hands on the 4th of July.

~ Mayor of Amity Island (“Jaws” – 1975)

Hello out there! Hoping you’ve all had a wonderful year so far. I am excited for the Halloween season to begin. In the meantime, a suggestion for all of you. Re-watch the classic film Jaws! It is the perfect summer horror movie. Lots of beach scenes and it takes place over the 4th of July weekend. If you have a pool, rent a projector and host a Jaws summer movie screening party. Have all your guests watch it from the pool! A great excuse to grab some legs and get a good scream out of someone.

There is a creature alive today who has survived millions of years of evolution without change, without passion and without logic. It lives to kill. A mindless eating machine. It will attack and devour….. anything. It is as if God created the Devil…and gave him… JAWS.

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