Horror News from Comic Con 2011

Well, another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. Each year it get harder and harder to get tickets for this insanely popular convention. I know many of you probably could not go but would have loved to have been able to wander the convention halls searching for anything that resembles horror. Well have no fear! We are bringing you some interesting horror related news straight from this year’s Comic Con. This will be a two-parter blog since there is SOOO much to cover. First up, Movies and Television!

Horror Movies

One of the highlights of being a Comic Con attendee is to be the first to witness exciting movie trailers. This year, Paramount Pictures previewed the first teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 3. The first movie was just awesome. The second had all the same fright elements and was equally as creepy, (maybe not quite as good as the first), but it certainly held its own. The third promises to be just as good, and is the prequel to the first two movies. This time we learn why Katie and her family are constantly being persecuted by demons, and how it all began with an incident that occurred back in 1988. Paranormal Activity 3 opens in theaters October 21st. Watch Trailer

I’m not a Twilight fan by any means, but its hard to ignore the movie’s presence at Comic Con. Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, the latest chapter in the glistening vampire movies, had its young stars, Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and director Bill Condon on-stage to answer questions and tease the audience with two scenes and a trailer that involved a honeymoon scene between Bella and Edward. I also heard that the Twi-hards (fans) who camped outside of Comic Con waiting for the panel were treated to breakfast and free swag by some of the stars and crew of the movie. Watch Trailer

One of the most anticipated events last weekend was the panel where director Damon Lindelof explained how Ridley Scott picked him to direct the new “Alien” prequel called Prometheus. Damon wasn’t Ridley’s only chosen crew member. Charlize Theron will star in the newest sci-fi movie that is promised to have a PG-13 rating. Although I don’t know how they achieve this when she will be doing naked push-ups in one of the scenes. Watch Trailer.

In other horror movie news, Francis Ford Coppola will be directing a 3-D Gothic horror film Twixt, starring Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern and Elle Fanning. If you enjoy World of Warcraft or LARP (Live Action Role Playing) you might find this one interesting! Knights of Badassdom is about a group of adult live action roleplayers who accidentally unleash a demon and must fight to save the world. Finally, the Dark Shadows panel broke the news that four of the original cast members will be playing in this 45-year-old classic re-make directed by the master of weird himself, Tim Burton. It is set to star Johnny Depp as Barnabas. If you haven’t seen the show, you should…it’s on Netflix streaming!

Terrifying Television

There were many interesting developments for horror fans who will be watching the boob tube this year. The Walking Dead will return for its second season on October 16 as part of AMC’s annual Fearfest. AMC’s Comic Con booth had a mocked up scene of the red-neck character handcuffed to the pipes on the rooftop as zombie hands are prying the door behind him. (Fantastic scene from last season!). Watch Trailer. Also True Blood held a panel where almost the entire cast was on-hand to answer questions about the new seasons show. Sounds like it will involve more kinky vampire sex! Watch Trailer. And yes, the ever popular serial killer Dexter will be returning for season 6! Watch Trailer.

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