Host A Horror Movie Marathon


A great way to get into the spirit of Halloween is to grab some friends and host your very own Horror Movie Marathon. That means, making some popcorn, turning down the lights, getting really cozy, and indulging in some cinematic scare. Usually television networks begin programming lots of classic horror films all month long. Some networks package the movies for you in a convenient block such as AMC’s FearFest 09 (Oct 23-31). Just check your local listings. You may want to create your own list of select horror films. To help you, we will soon be posting a list of the 100 top horror films of all time. Continue reading for some other great ideas for your party!

Here’s an idea for your movie night. Ask your guests what their favorite scary movies are beforehand. Therefore, you can tailor the choices to your guests tastes. Another good idea is to have a themed night such as Zombie night where you pick only zombie movies. You can enhance your themed party by serving Halloween foods or treats that cleverly represent the movies you will watch. For example, you might bring out Red Blood Martinis during a vampire movie, or devils food chocolate cupcakes during a movie such as The Omen. This is sure to keep your guests happy and excited for the next spooky flick.

Maybe you’d rather go out on the town to see a scary movie or two. October is the best month to find horror movie festivals. Below I’ve listed some of the local festivals in the Los Angeles area, but check the blogs or your local newspapers to see if you can find one near you.

  1. Screamfest 09: Hollywood, CA (Oct 17-25)

  2. Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival: Hollywood, CA (Oct 22-27)

  3. Shriekfest 2009: Los Angeles, CA (Oct 1-4)

  4. Big Bear Horror Film Festival: Big Bear Lake, CA (Oct 16-18)

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