Join The Zombie Walk


You may not have realized it, but if you’ve driven in Los Angeles, then you’ve experienced what its like to be a zombie. I noticed this today as I woke myself from another mindless drive down the 405 freeway. And as I looked around, I noticed everyone else had the same empty expressions on their faces…just like a bunch of zombies. Well if we’re all so good at being zombies, why not put that energy (or lack of it) to good use? This Saturday, August 15th, join the So.Cal Zombie Walk in West Hollywood.

What the heck is a Zombie Walk you ask? Its an organized gathering of people who will dress up as zombies using costumes and makeup and walk around a predetermined route. Why would anyone want to do this? To have fun of course! Participants are encouraged to act the role by moaning, limping and doing whatever else zombies do (minus the eating brains thing). And it gets better! Zombie Walk organizers usually help raise awareness for local charities such as Toy’s for Tots, or local food banks. Ah..zombies with heart! There are zombie walk groups all over the country, so if you can’t make it to this one, look up your own local group. C’mon guys! Lets get out there and be mindless together!

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