Killing Zombies Was Never So Much Fun


So Halloween is well behind us and that oh so merry time of year is right around the corner. The weather is definitely frightful (unless your a skier/snowboarder), so best thing to do on those “too cold to go outside” days is become a video game nerd! That’s right… and if you can, get your little mitts on the new “Left 4 Dead 2” from Valve, you won’t be sorry. Just like the original L4D, there is an abundance of serious zombie killing going on. This time its happening in the Southern states of the U.S. starting in Georgia and ending in New Orleans, Lousisiana.

Based on sales, its pretty likely that you already own a copy of this game. But if you don’t you should. It is similar in play to the original L4D except that this time, there are four new characters, and five new campaigns (Dark Carnival, Hard Rain, Swamp Fever, The Parish, Dead Center). What’s more, there are lots of new weapons and things you can pick up and use for melee. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the all new disgusting special infected characters such as the Spitter, Charger, and Jockey.

The new game isn’t without it’s fair share of controversy. For example, the largest problem was that many people were worried Valve developers were going to stop efforts to support the original Left 4 Dead. Players in the tens of thousands felt so strongly about this that they went as far as joining an online boycott of the new game. There were issues with significant lag in performance for online players in the old and new game. Players of the original were worried that Valve would focus only the newest game and leave the promised enhancements for the original in the dust. At this point, that remains to be seen, but in all, the new game is not to be missed. I’m pretty addicted to playing it now and am feverishly trying to unlock all the achievements. Later I may do a review of the new game as it compares to the original. I’m sure that will spur some controversy!

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