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Laser Vortex: Building the Prop

Oh yes…the Laser Vortex. I’m sort of panicking right now. There are only two days left before Halloween and I’ve totally procrastinated on my Halloween prop for this year! The good thing is that I have all the necessary parts to build the prop. And I’ve already soldered some of the wires together. I feel like a mad scientist putting this thing together at night in the hopes that it will work beautifully and I can cry out “ITS ALIVE!”. Continue reading

Laser Vortex Prop: Gathering Supplies


This year I decided I wanted to make a really cool new prop for my yard haunt. Something that wouldn’t put me out financially and something that wouldn’t be too complicated or difficult to build. I found a fantastic prop idea from the Garage Of Evil website. A laser vortex…no, not a flex capacitor…a LASER VORTEX! The parts are actually very cheap and most can be purchased from Radio Shack. The only tools I had to buy was a Dremel tool (I’ve always wanted one), and a soldering gun kit. Now I’m ready to go. I’ll keep you updated through future posts on the build phase and test phase of this project.

Another One Bites The Dust


Can you believe it…after all that planning, preparation and fun its all over. Halloween 2009 is now just a sweet memory. I hope all of you had a great time doing whatever you did. I wound up working my butt off to finish all the decorating and cooking just minutes before my guests arrived. It was a hell of a lot of work, but we did it. And I had a great time. Without further ado, here are some pictures from our Halloween party. Continue reading

Create A Killer Yard Haunt


I’ve always wanted to do one of those really cool yard haunts for Halloween. Problem is…I never had a yard of my own. Since AFFORDABLE quality homes are still somewhat of a fiction in Southern California, I’ve decided to quit waiting and invite myself to my brothers house for Halloween this year. His home has great front yard haunt potential! Since this is my first attempt, I’ll share with you some great resources and ideas for how you can create a killer halloween yard haunt. Continue reading