September Is Prop Building Time

Sometimes we promise ourselves things that never come to pass. Like working out, eating healthy, and building new props for Halloween. Can’t help you with the first two, but lets talk prop building. You’ve probably seen a cool idea or yard haunt and secretly wished to build something similar with your own two hands. But you had no idea what to do or how to build it. Don’t worry. I’ve been there. I’ll show you some great sites that can inspire you to build and in plenty of time so you can our favorite time of year.

First, try to convince yourself not to get too excited about doing more than you can seriously handle in the time you have left. After all, it’s already September. Jot down a few of your top ideas, figure out how long each will take and how complicated the project is. Consider whether your working on your own or if you’ll have help from friends or family. Having all this information will help you to remain realistic about what you can complete without stressing yourself out.

Still no idea of what to build? Well, one place you can start is the Monster List of Halloween Projects. Here you’ll find an extensive list of projects in alphabetical order. Each project has been noted as either a static or moving prop and whether it requires advanced building skills. If you need some more ideas, take a gander through the Garage of Evil. You’ll have to register for free membership to the site, but once your in you not only have access to lots of great tutorials, you can join forums and connect to other haunters out there in the web world. Not to mention the Garage of Evil has a great list of Haunt social meetup groups through the country. I’ll mention one more site that’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine called My Ghoul Friday. “Ghoul Friday” is a wonderful artist who writes blogs and provides lots of great project tutorial ideas. Here I found instructions on how to create things using paper mache, something I’ve always wanted to try. If I can make something remotely as cool as Ghoul Friday’s collection of “Minions” I’d be happy!

Once you have the project picked out, buy your supplies. Lots of craft stores have weekly sales ads so you can save a buck or two. Check out Michael’s Crafts or Joanne’s Fabrics and stock up as early as possible. Get your friends to help you build so you can divide the work. Okay kids, I’m off to build this year’s masterpiece.

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