A Literary or Cinematic World War Z

World War Z

It’s been ten years since the Zombie War began. The world as we knew it is gone and will never be the same. What happened? It’s all documented in Max Brooks post-apocalyptic horror novel, World War Z. In his follow-up to the 2003 book “The Zombie Survival Guide”, Brooks puts together a collection of first-person accounts of the political, religious, and environmental aftermath of the Zombie War. And it’s not pretty.

If your a conspiracy theorist, this is a must read. And if you have nightmares of what the world would be like in some kind of biblical catastrophe, or how nations would react, you should read this and get prepared! World War Z was met with positive reviews from the media when it was published in 2006. For those of you with long commutes to work, there is an audio version of the book that won an Audie Award in 2007.

And now for the bad news…Paramount Studios is making the book into a movie. This was actually good news for fans until recently when we learned that the synopsis for the film adaption is NOTHING like the book. Absolutely disappointing, as only Hollywood can be. Instead of taking place after the bloody wars, the movie will take place during the beginning of the outbreak. Brad Pitt will star as a United Nations employee running around trying to save the world from zombies. Seen it…a hundred times. Well, let’s wait for Rotten Tomatoes to give it its final judgement. In the meantime, pick up a copy of the book or audiobook then judge for yourself.

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