Time For A Haircut Dusty

If your ever at Balboa Beach in California, walk down Main Street to J.J.’s Haircutting and you’ll see this picture planted right in the front window. Look at the guy in the first frame. Kinda looks like a hippie from the late 60’s early 70’s? Well, that picture has been hanging proudly at J.J.’s Haircutting for as long as I can remember. I found an old news article from 1978 and the picture was there! When I was a little girl, Balboa was our beach. Every summer, a family trip to Balboa included a walk along Main Street, maybe an Orange Julius from the corner shop that is no longer there, and a gander at the “Werewolf Man”. Of course we were referring to this picture. It kinda creeped me out when I was young, yet, we always had to visit it. And to this day the “Dusty The Fox” picture still hangs proudly in the window! Thanks J.J’s for keeping up the tradition!

Hmmm… I know a few guys who are somewhere between frames 2 and 3…Should I be worried?

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