SoCal Haunts To Hit Up This Weekend

SoCal Haunt List 2020

Halloween is quickly approaching. If you’re like me right about now you’re scrambling to come up with some plans for the weekend. This year is particularly challenging due to the (YOU KNOW WHAT). Fortunately that hasn’t stopped people from decorating and creating awesome Halloween yard displays in their front yards. I’ve been having fun looking for the best decorated houses in my own neighborhood. If you’re local to Southern California and want to see some of the best yard haunt displays on the west coast be sure to visit the SoCal Haunt List. This website lists addresses, dates and times you can visit to see some really incredible displays. Even my humble little yard haunt “The Ghoulie Graveyard” is listed on this site! Keep reading to see some pics of the yard haunts I’ve visited so far.

If you’re out there visiting haunts please be safe, wear a mask, and do as much social distancing as possible to help keep everyone else safe too!

Hunting For Yard Haunts

Without further ado here is the first house I found in my neighborhood. Love how big these pumpkin kings are! And they are homemade not store bought. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!) Hehe…

Beware the Pumpkin Kings!

Just around the corner I saw another really cool display. This one had about 10 ghosts set up all over the front yard. They used purple and blue uv lights to give a really haunting effect. Very spooky!

Oh that is creepy!

Closer to my house I found another fun house. There’s a lot going on here but I really liked they had a video projection of a witch playing in the window.

This neighborhood search inspired me to venture out into the world and find a house on the SoCal Haunt List. We visited “Rotting Hill Cemetery” and boy were we humbled. This is as professional looking as it gets! The fiber optics in the sign makes the Notting Hill Cemetery sign change to Rotting Hill Cemetery. Genius!

One of the Haunt List houses “Rotting Hill Cemetery”

I can’t wait to go out again and see more incredibly designed Halloween houses. Stay safe this weekend everyone!

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