Trading Halloween Candy

So the best night of the year is now behind us. As jack-o-lanterns begin their cycle of decay and people start putting away their decorations, kids everywhere will prepare for the greatest merchandising event of their young lives…the Halloween Candy Trade. Don’t laugh. This event takes a bit of skill and a lot of psychology. Keep reading to see how kids perform this sacred tradition.


Trading Halloween candy will begin something like this. Each kid in his/her own corner of the table or living room floor will empty the contents of their Halloween sacks. They will carefully separate the candy into good and bad piles. Usually candy bars like Snickers and Kit Kats are headed for the good pile. Stuff like taffy or smaller hard candy may be headed for the bad pile. Once this is done, then the organization begins. Chocolate bars in one area, pixie sticks in another carefully done in neat rows every piece accounted for. Finally the trade begins. Rule #1: get rid of the candies you hate first. It’s possible that someone will want them, so this is the easiest trade of all. Rule #2: Look for deficiencies in your stockpile and try to trade for those that are missing. Example: you received a ton of Brach’s hard candy and Almond Joys but got no Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Take a few of each and TRADE UP for a butter cup. Rule #3: Avoid someone more manipulative than you. This could result in really getting screwed out of good candy. And for that matter, may happen to you throughout life.

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