Welcome Fall Season 2019

Fall season 2019

Well it’s finally here! The 2019 fall season has begun. I’m super excited to get back into reading all the great halloween blogs out there. Aren’t you? Of course you are, that’s why you’re reading this one! I’ll be honest. It’s very easy to loose your Halloween mojo during the rest of the year. I sorta didn’t want summer to end after enjoying the beach, the great outdoors, visiting lakes and national parks, etc. My feelings changed though after the first cloudy weekend where it was finally cold enough to break out a cozy sweater. Also something about the NFL season starting always gets me in the mood for watching a good game on Sunday while sampling a new pumpkin or Oktoberfest flavored beer. I’ve fully embraced fall now and am looking forward to all the Halloween shenanigans to come. In this post I’ll share my 2019 Halloween bucket list of activities.

There is so much to do this Halloween fall season! I have accepted that I might not have time to do everything but didn’t someone coin the phrase “the journey is the destination”? The fun for me will be to see how much I can squeeze in and complete this fall without stressing myself out too much. I really want to work on the “enjoying” part of this season. Too often I over plan or over commit and wind up feeling like the month just flew by like a chaotic wind storm. This time I want to slow things down. Maybe take more walks to watch the leaves changes (which isn’t always easy in evergreen Southern California).

2019 Halloween Bucket List

As I started thinking about my Halloween bucket list I realized that most of my desired activities were already listed in The October Calendar. It provides so many great ideas for activities to enjoy all month long.

  • Enjoy a new fall flavored beer – INWORK!
  • Finish reading a book (3rd Harry Potter book)
  • Visit The Haunted Hayride in Griffith Park
  • Watch a couple never before seen horror films
  • Watch a couple classic (new or old) horror films
  • Visit a couple (if not more) yard haunts
  • Cook fall dinner recipes (butternut squash, yum!)
  • Cook fall desserts (anything with apples)
  • Build one new addition to my yard haunt “The Ghoulie Graveyard”

Well there you have it! I don’t think this list is too exhaustive but then again anything can change in this wonderful magical month. Keep visiting the site to see more cool blog posts all month to get you even more inspiration for Halloween.

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